Sunday, January 3, 2010

Photo set 1: Friday 25th December - Seymour to Euroa

Photos from Day 1 of the tour in Kelly Country

The old Hume Hwy wooden trestle bridge (no longer in use) over the Goulburn River in Seymour

Avenel - Longwood Road ("old Hume Hwy")

Avenel stone bridge that crosses Hughes Creek (where Ned Kelly saved a boy from drowning and received the green sash he was wearing the day of the siege at Glenrowan

The stupid boring Hume Hwy. At least it has a decent shoulder.

Stopped for lunch at Longwood's Pub Paddock. The shelter actually had electricity which I stole to charge my mobile.

Dirt road through farmland between Longwood and Euroa

Hoping I make the limit!

Nearly there! On a road that runs next to the Hume Hwy.

Camping next to the river at Euroa

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