Sunday, January 3, 2010

Photo set 2: Saturday 26th December - Euroa to Glenrowan

Photos from Day 2 of the tour in Kelly Country

Nearly at the top of a climb... after leaving Euroa

Echidna camouflage. You can't see me...

Hehe, so cute.

Dirt/gravel road through farms

Happy to oblige with the 'Less Speed, Less Dust' signage.

Hey Prado drivers - this is what a dirt road looks like.

I'm somewhat lost here... ending up taking a bush track in the general direction I'm supposed to be going. Please be no snakes.

Fallen log! Hmm, it seems this bush track isn't used that often.

Damnit, another fallen log blocking the track.

Gee, I wonder what is down that road... (signs say "Cemetery", "Cemetery Rd" and "War Cemetery"). Slight overkill.

Road through Winton to Glenrowan. It's 39 degrees with no shade on the road and a part of the road (or some burnout rubber) ends up sticking to my tyre like bubblegum so I collect rocks and things. I saw a goanna and also a roadkill turtle of all things.

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